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Melbourne Leak Detection Services – Gas and Water Leaks Detected and Fixed FAST

Melbourne Wide Leak Detection, our specialist leak detectors are experts in the detection and repair of both Gas and Water pipe leaks to domestic and commercial properties. Using specialist equipment, our Plumbers are able to locate both Gas and Water leaks fast.

Leaks can be extremely hazardous and can cause much damage to property. In the case of water leaks they are not only costly due to the amount of water being lost, but they can be even more costly when it comes to the damage they can do to your property. Behind walls, under floors, in areas that can’t be seen, bad structural damage can be done to your property that can be extremely costly to repair.By locating and repairing water leaks fast, expensive structural repairs to property can be avoided if found early. The location of water damage can’t always be determined by the point where the leak is found. Water moves around and will exit where it pools or the easiest point of exit, so a specialist leak detector is important in finding the source of the leak. Using our specialised equipment, we are able to find the leak quickly and importantly minimise damage to your walls and flooring where it isn’t necessary.Gas leaks and Carbon Monoxide spillage are also an area our Plumbers are able to locate and fix fast and efficiently. Gas leaks are often found by homeowners due to a gas smell inside the property where there is an internal gas leak, or in the case of an external gas leak either by a smell or unusually high gas bills. With Carbon Monoxide spillage, this occurs when an appliance has not been serviced regularly and is not able to vent through the flue its dangerous gases, or when the flue is blocked, as well as when the appliance is faulty.With this type of leak there isn’t always a smell and often residents will feel unwell and headache. Both of these situations are extremely hazardous and need to be attended to immediately by a Licensed Gas Fitter. Our Gas Fitters are able to locate the source of leaks fast using the latest equipment to detect even the smallest of gas leaks and carbon monoxide spillage.We are also able to offer a full repair and maintenance service on your gas pipes, and gas appliances to ensure that your property remains safe.To book one of our Leak Detection Specialists Call Today on 1300 292 772

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